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Oral Surgery in Toronto

Dental Surgery, like a tooth extraction or root canal, may be necessary if you are suffering from badly decayed teeth, abscesses, serious gum disease or other oral health concerns. We also offer dental surgery like wisdom teeth extractions in our downtown Toronto dental office.

Tooth Extractions or Removals in Toronto

Unfortunately, sometimes the best way to protect your overall oral health or prevent future pain or discomfort is to remove a damaged, infected or broken tooth. We always strive to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

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Root Canals in Toronto

When the root canal area of your tooth is infected, the infection needs to be removed to prevent additional pain or tooth loss that can occur. 

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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Toronto

Wisdom teeth usually erupt in early adulthood. If they are impacted, misaligned, causing crowding or pain, they may need to be removed.

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Oral Surgery | Church Wellesley Dental

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