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Tooth Extractions or Removals in Toronto

Unfortunately, sometimes the best way to protect your overall oral health or prevent future pain or discomfort is to remove a damaged, infected or broken tooth. Our Toronto office offers tooth extraction services in the Church Street are of downtown Toronto.

Will a tooth extraction be painful?

We strive to make your treatments as comfortable as possible.

We will use a local anaesthetic in the area surrounding your tooth so that you will be numb while your tooth is extracted. The damaged tooth is then carefully removed using precise instruments. If anything becomes uncomfortable for you during the procedure, our team will be listening and ready to help make you more comfortable.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare in Toronto

During your extraction appointment, our attentive team will explain how you will care for your mouth after the extraction.

You can prevent problems after your tooth extraction by following the simple steps the team will outline for you. Eating soft foods like ice cream, pudding, soups, apple sauce, and smoothies will allow you to heal quicker. You can slowly add solid foods back into your diet – just follow your post-surgical treatment plan.

Tooth Extractions or Removals | Church Wellesley Dental

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