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Being HIV+ and your oral health

If you are HIV+, you may have particular concerns or questions about your oral health as it relates to your HIV status.

Some common concerns are outlined below. Please know that we a judgment-free practice – and we believe everyone is entitled to professional dental care.

Fear of transmission:

We sterilize and disinfect treatment rooms after every patient. All instruments are also sterilized accordingly. We wear PPE (personal protective equipment- new gloves/mask). Infection control is followed so no risk of transmission. We treat all patients regardless of HIV status.

T-cell and/or viral count:

We will do procedures when your count is stable. We want to avoid as much risk of exposure to additional bacteria if you are in an already compromised state.

Oral lesions:

HIV+ patients can experience some common oral lesions, like oral candidiasis, hairy leukoplakia, Kaposi's sarcoma and ulcers/herpetic infections. Because an increase in oral lesions can indicate an increased viral load or T-cell count, it’s important to pay attention to your oral health and monitor your mouth for any sores.

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