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How to Choose the Right Dentist for You

Are you looking for a dentist in Toronto? Finding the right dentist can be a tricky task, so today our dentists are offering some advice to help you make the right choice.

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Do's and Don'ts After Dental Fillings

If you’ve got a cavity, having a dental filling placed by your dentist is a necessary procedure. There are a few tips that can make the time immediately following the filling a bit easier. Our Toronto dentists offer some advice about what you should and should not do after a filling.

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Dental Care for the Whole Family

In this post, our Toronto dentists explain the ins and outs of family dental care and how we try to help kids, teens, adults and seniors keep their teeth and gums healthy.

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My Teeth Are Too Big, What Can I Do?

You are not alone in disliking the size of your front teeth. Our Toronto dentists discuss treatment options available to restore confidence in your smile.

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Root Canals: Are they really that bad?

In the past, a tooth with nerve damage would probably need to be removed. These days, however, our Toronto dentists can perform a root canal procedure to save a tooth with minimal time and discomfort. 

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Can Dental Crowns & Veneers Stain?

A successful veneer or crown procedure may leave you wondering how to keep them from staining, or even if they can stain. Our Toronto dentists explain how to care for your new crown or veneer.

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Do I Have Sleep Apnea, Or Am I Just Snoring?

Sleep apnea and snoring may seem similar, but they are two completely different issues. Here, our Toronto dentists explain the differences, and why they're important.

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What to Ask Before Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Our Toronto dentists have come up with questions you should ask yourself regarding cosmetic procedures.

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Composite Dental Fillings

Almost everyone develops a cavity requiring a dental filling eventually. Despite how common they are, some people may not know much about the options available. Here, our Toronto dentists are here to tell you about them.

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How to achieve and maintain a whiter smile

Our Toronto dentists provide insights and advice on how you can achieve a whiter smile, and how to keep it that way.

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