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Custom Mouth Guards in Toronto

Custom mouth guards can protect your teeth and mouth from tooth grinding and jaw clenching (a night guard) or from injury that might occur while playing sports (sports guards). Our downtown Toronto dental clinic can fit you with the right type of mouth guard to protect your smile.

Bite Guards & Sports Mouth Guards in Toronto

A custom mouth guard can protect your teeth from nighttime damage. If you grind your teeth at night, or clench your jaw while sleeping (these are also called bruxism), you might benefit from sleeping with custom night guard. A night guard protects your teeth from the grinding or clenching of bruxism while you sleep. You might not even know that you grind your teeth while you sleep, but if you wake up with a sore jaw, or are experiencing tooth sensitivity, talk to your dentist about it – a custom night guard might be the solution!

A custom sports mouth guard can protect your teeth from damage caused by sports injuries. If you play a sport, like basketball, soccer or baseball, where you might get hit in the mouth or head, a custom sports mouth guard might be an important addition to your sports equipment.

Bite Guards & Sports Mouth Guards | Church Wellesley Dental

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