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Dental Crowns & Bridges in Toronto

Our Church Wellesley Dental Centre team may recommend a tooth crown or dental bridge to help restore a damaged or broken tooth, correct your bite or add strength to a tooth. Visit our office on Church Street in Toronto.

Dental Crowns or Tooth Caps in Toronto

When a tooth is weakened due to trauma, large fillings, root canal treatment or decay, a crown may be required to restore it to optimal health and function. A dental crown is a tooth - or gold-coloured covering that is permanently placed over an existing tooth. It can be used to add strength, correct the bite or improve the overall appearance of a tooth. Ceramic porcelain crowns may be used on front teeth to create a more natural looking smile.

Dental bridges allow you to have a realistic looking smile after tooth loss. A fixed bridge is required when replacing one or more missing teeth. It is permanently cemented to the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth or teeth. A fixed bridge can restore your natural bite, prevent your other teeth from moving into the space, improve chewing function and enhance appearance of your smile.

Dental Crowns & Bridges | Church Wellesley Dental

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