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Bad Breath

Bad breath is a very common problem, and if you are consistently suffering from bad breath, or halitosis, you aren’t alone. Our team at the Church Wellesley Dental Centre can help you find the source of your bad breath and provide treatment.

Bad Breath | Church Wellesley Dental

What causes bad breath & How can I improve it?

Sometime bad breath can be resolve by changing your diet. Avoiding strong smelling or tasting foods like onions our garlic can help prevent bad breath.

Other causes of bad breath, like oral bacteria, gum disease, tooth decay or stomach issues may require a more detailed professional treatment plan. Our dental team can help determine that plan and help you execute it.

Our caring team will assess your overall oral health to determine the cause of your bad breath. Once we know what is causing the bad breath, our supportive staff with work with you to figure out a plan to resolve your halitosis. Please don’t be embarrassed. Our helpful team has helped many patients identify the cause and resolve their bad breath problems.

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