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Cosmetic Bonding in Toronto

Cosmetic bonding is an option to repair a broken tooth, fill gaps or eliminate spots, chips or discolouration in your teeth. We offer cosmetic bonding in our Toronto dental clinic.

Cosmetic Bonding | Church Wellesley Dental

Cosmetic bonding is a relatively inexpensive technique that can alter the appearance of your smile.

Your dentist will begin be preparing the affected tooth to ensure the bonding material will stick properly. This involves softly abrading the tooth to make it rough, then coating it with a thin layer of a chemical to increase the strength of the bond. 

The bonding material is then applied to the tooth in thing layers, and is shaped into the correct shape. The resin is then cured - bonded to the tooth (which is why the procedure is called cosmetic bonding) - and polished to match your natural teeth.

The dental composite used for cosmetic bonding is made of particles such as silicon dioxide or quartz, bound with a tough synthetic resin. It is blended into different shades, toughness, and translucency to match the natural colour of your teeth. 

Cosmetic bonding can be used to close tooth gaps, fill cavities or eliminate spots, chips and discolorations. Because it’s relatively quick and creates a very natural result, it’s a great option to repair a broken, chipped or discoloured front tooth.

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